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As the old saying goes ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ and nothing brightens a face more than sparkling, youthful eyes. The problem arises when the skin around our eyes starts to sag or darken. This can happen due to ageing, pigmentation problems or just with general wear and tear and damage on our skin, but when it does it can make us appear tired and aged.

Here at PureSkin Clinic, we’re fighting back against those pesky dark circles, under eye bags, drooping eyelids and expression lines and helping our clients say hello to smoother, more youthful skin around their eyes.

We are extremely excited to be introducing the revolutionary new treatment that will fight the signs of ageing and fatigue in the eye contour area: Mesoestetic Global Eyecon.


So, what is Mesoestetic Global Eyecon all about?

Many of our clients at PureSkin Clinic complain about dark circles or bags under their eyes which they feel makes them appear tired, dull and older.


The issue, up to now, with treating this area is to do with how delicate our eyes are. The anatomical characteristics of the eye area must be considered when deciding on a course of treatment because the skin around our eyes is 5 x thinner than on the rest of our faces. Not to mention, the lymphatic drainage in this area is very complex and the eye area is home to many vessels and small capillaries.

All of this combined makes the eye skin very sensitive and, until now, there hasn’t been a product to target this area effectively.

Mesoestetic Global Eyecon has stepped in to finally provide a treatment to combat the signs of ageing around the eye area. This peel combines several categories for a more potent, effective result meaning our clients can enjoy youthful looking skin without those unwanted eye bags or dark circles!

How does Mesoestetic Global Eyecon work?

This amazing new treatment has been brought to us by the mesoestetic Pharma Group. Their team researched and developed this product until they were able to deliver a comprehensive treatment to combat the issues in the eye contour area.

This treatment combines multiple philosophies to correct wrinkles and expression lines, under-eye bags, dark circles and drooping upper eyelids.

Mesoestetic Global Eyecon is a 6 stage treatment which consists of 3 sessions of the specially formulated peel followed by the microneedling transepidermal solution in the latter 3 stages and a crystal fibre eye mask.

What happens during the treatment?

There are several stages to the Global Eyecon treatment. The treatment consists of alternating peel and solution sessions to achieve incredible results in the eye contour area. Let’s look in more detail about what these stages are about and how they work:

Periocular Peel

The first step of the treatment involves the application of the Global Eyecon Periocular Peeling solution. This is a very specific peel for the eye area that combines powerful global anti-aging, anti-fatigue and depigmentation products.

The Periocular Peel has been developed carefully for the delicate eye area. It targets all types of visible wrinkles: static, dynamic and gravitational and combines Azelaic, Salicylic, Lactic, Phytic and Citric acids.

Periocular Solution

At your next treatment, you will have the global eyecon periocular solution stage. This sterile solution combines ingredients with depigmenting and decongestant action on microcirculation. This product is compatible with multiple transdermal vehiculation systems.

The specially designed sterile Periocular Solution is applied to the eye area. This formula combines ingredients for a depigmenting and decongesting action, which improves microcirculation.

Crystal Fiber Eye Mask

Finally, once you have finished the course of the alternating above treatments, Global Eyecon involves the application of the soothing crystal fiber eye mask.

This hydrogel mask, containing hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and cucumber extract is applied to the eye contour to cool, refresh and calm the eye area post-treatment. The mask has been specifically designed for the delicate area of the eye contour to fight back against dark circles and eye bags. The mask works to depigment,moisturise, decongest and rejuvenate the skin.


Why should you get Mesoestetic Global Eyecon?

The results of Mesoestetic Global Eyecon are really incredible right from your first treatment. The best bit is that results are cumulative so they just keep improving with each session.


The treatment is very comfortable. There is no downtime, other than slight redness in the eye contour area, but this should subside within 24 hours which means you can get straight back to your day and enjoy your newly rejuvenated eyes!



Course of 6 treatments, including Mesoestetics Eye Cream £800.

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