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About Us

Pureskin Medical Cosmetics Clinic

PureSkin is located in Marylebone, adjacent to Bond Street and Selfridge. It was co-founded by a team of top NHS medical experts. The team members have more than 20 years of medical and plastic surgery related experience, dedicated to infusing beauty and professionalism into every customer who comes for consultation and aesthetic surgery, creating a customised and comprehensive medical cosmetic surgery program.


PureSkin Cosmetic provides a full range of medical aesthetic programs: from facial cosmetic surgery, anti-aging programs, skin management, body management, etc. Providing multi-dimensional and customised medical beauty solutions for beauty lovers, like you, who pursue the quality of life.


We have a professional and high-quality medical team. The team members are from the forefront of the British National Health System (NHS). Each of our aesthetic doctors has more than 20 years of professional medical experience and is registered and filed in the General Medical Council (GMC), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), and the General Dentist Council (GDC). We are committed to using frontier technology and professional techniques and attitudes to add points to your beauty. At the same time, our clinic and doctors are covered by medical beauty insurance to escort your beauty journey with the best care.

Facial Treatment
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Our Team

Pureskin Medical Cosmetics Clinic

LI, Minfang

Pureskin Co-Founder∣Chief Medical Aesthetic Practitioner

Areas of expertise: Dermal Filling, Anti-Aging, Facial Lifting, Facial Structure Optimization

Minfang has more than 20 years of clinical medical experience and over 10 years of medical aesthetics experience. Since entering the medical aesthetics industry, she has had the experience of thousands of successful cases. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at King’s College, London, and trained at Harley Academy of Medical Plastic Surgery. She is well versed in facial aesthetics, human anatomy, and the differences between Chinese and Western human body structures, and has profound insights into the interpretation of beauty in different cultures.

LI, Minfang
SHU, Yoko

Pureskin Co-Founder∣Senior Beauty and Aesthetics Consultant

Areas of expertise: Medical Injections, Non-Surgical Facial Care, Facial Photoelectric Care

Graduated from Central Saint Martin College, University of the Arts London, Yoko has grown her unique aesthetics and interest in medical cosmetics during her fashion career. Afterwards, she went to Pola in Japan and LEIM in Korea for her medical aesthetics studies.
After coming back from Pola and LEIM, she then started her own beauty and aesthetics institutions and in the past five years, she has been engaged in medical injections and facial care. Her professional skills and meticulous work attitude have helped her established an excellent reputation in the industry.

SHU, Yoko
Dr. MIAN, Irfan

Honorary Medical Aesthetic Consultant

Areas of expertise: Facial Structure Optimization, Tooth Shaping, Facial Anti-Aging

With more than 30 years of clinical experience, Dr Mian is a member of the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians, the College of Dentistry and the British College of Surgery, registered physician of the British Dental Association. He set foot in facial aesthetics in 2003 and invented and pioneered the MASH technology, which improved the safety and reliability of protein thread embedding. Dr Mian once served as a faculty member at King's University London and has accumulated rich clinical and teaching experience in medical and dentistry.

Dr. MIAN, Irfan
CHEN, Viva

Beauty Consultant

Areas of expertise: Facial Care, Microneedling, Hydra-Facial, Facial Photoelectric Care

Viva owns a master degree in nursing and completed her beauty training at Liverpool City College.
She has nearly ten years of experience in medical beauty and skin management. With her experience in the medical aesthetics industry, she is dedicated to deliver her customer advanced quality services.
Viva is passionate, meticulous and professional, and concurrently serves as a customer service consultant.

CHEN, Viva
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