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What can NeoGen do for you?

NeoGen simultaneously treats multiple aspects of the health and appearance of the skin using unique Nitrogen Plasma technology. Our Nitrogen Plasma technology is distinctive and sets it apart from traditional skin treatments. By generating plasma from nitrogen gas, NeoGen creates a controlled thermal energy that can be precisely delivered to the skin. This energy stimulates a cascade of positive effects, targeting multiple concerns simultaneously, such as wrinkles and lines, the eye area and skin tightening.




The Treatments


NeoGen Plasma Technology improves the skin from deep within and tightening happens during every treatment, regardless of the concern you are targeting including wrinkles, lines and eyes.

When the thermal plasma energy hits the skin it causes an immediate contraction, creating a tightening effect which continues to develop for up to 12 months.

NeoGen technology reaches the dermis which is the thick protective layer of skin made up of fibrous and elastic tissue which provides the strength, flexibility, and protection to the whole skin. The process breaks down the layer in order for it to regenerate, producing the new collagen and elastin and outstanding, non-surgical results.

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