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Price of Mesotherap in London, UK What's the difference between £150 and £350

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

People always say that getting a Mesotherapy treatment is better than applying 100 face masks and using regular skincare products 1000 times. This is what we call the 'false impression of the epidermis.' In fact, over 90% of our skin problems are related to 'dehydration,' and even expensive face masks and skincare products can hardly penetrate the epidermal layer, so their moisturizing effect is minimal. The reason why Mesotherapy is so popular is that it can target various skin problems and fundamentally change them through medical means by reaching deep into the skin to achieve the goal of replenishing moisture at its source.

The principle of Mesotherapy is to inject nutrients such as hyaluronic acid into the dermis layer of the skin through injection, solve the problem of lack of moisture in the dermis layer, stimulate elastin and collagen regeneration, make the skin moist, tender, shiny and translucent again, eliminate various pores and fine lines, improve the overall condition of facial skin from inside out.

The price of Mesotherapy fluctuates and varies from one medical aesthetic facility to another in London, UK. There are a number of factors that influence this.

  • Mesotherapy are different. Mesotherapy London has both hand and machine injections. The hand injections test the doctor's skills and have the advantages of no leakage, small wounds and can be targeted for local enhancement, while the machine injections are relatively more even and precise, but the price of different brands of machines can vary.

  • Hospitals are different.

  • The areas are different.

  • Different dosages.

  • Different drug formulations.

  • In London clinics in the UK, in order to solve a variety of skin problems in a comprehensive manner, hydration injections are often given in a variety of formulations, such as hyaluronic acid + VC for hydration and whitening, hyaluronic acid + phlogiston for hydration and repair, etc. As the choice of drugs and combinations become more varied, naturally the price combinations will also vary, just as the price of various skincare products may vary greatly even though they may have the same main effects. The Pureskin Medical Cosmetics Clinic, which is also a personalised hydration clinic, offers a wide range of hydration products at the same price, making it a very good value for money. It is also important to note that when the price is no longer an advantage, unscrupulous traders will have to play tricks with the formula and drugs. Due to strict regulation in the UK, many small institutions or clinics are not qualified to buy genuine drugs, so fake products are naturally priced attractively.

  • The number of injections varies. Hydrafresh is a maintenance in addition to daily skincare products, which equates to an enhanced hydration and nutrition process, which itself is constantly diluted and absorbed, so the duration of maintenance is limited. If you are negligent, your skin will also slowly deteriorate, so your skin needs to be maintained with regular care. After three consecutive injections, the effect can be maintained for about 3 to 6 months. People with dry skin and neglected maintenance have a shorter maintenance time, about 2~3 months. Of course, this is related to each individual's skin type, lifestyle habits and daily maintenance. As an ongoing skin management routine, most clinics in London, UK are happy to offer a price for the treatment, usually at a discounted rate for more sessions, so the cost of a hydrafacial is entirely dependent on your personal financial situation and wishes.

Pureskin Medical Cosmetics Clinic has a wealth of clinical experience with Asian clients, has safe injection standards for Asian aesthetics, is familiar with Asian skin types, offers Chinese language services throughout, and firmly rejects unhealthy "Pureskin Medical Cosmetics Clinic offers a comprehensive, personalised, multi-repair and ultra-hydrating hydration programme at a great value price.

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